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'Nikau seed head (winter study) {Rhopalostylis sapida}' is an open edition, fine art reproduction print of an original watercolour painting by Jennifer Braithwaite.


- Full range of standard print sizes are available and range from $220 to $350 NZD for x1 unframed print.



Nikau is a palm tree endemic to New Zealand which sprouts large clusters of mauve flowers. The flowers are sticky and sweet with nectar, which attracts insects, especially bees. While insects are the main pollinators, birds such as tui, bellbirds and silvereyes also enjoy the nīkau nectar. 

Flowers occur throughout the entire year and the  bright red nīkau fruit take about one year to ripen and are an important food source for native birds, particularly the wood pigeon/kererū and kākā.

Nīkau palms have always had importance in Māori life. The leaves were used for many domestic purposes.It is very slow-growing and takes 40–50 years to begin to form a trunk and about 200 years to reach 10 m tall. On average two fronds are shed per year leaving behind a leaf scar on the trunk which can be used to give a rough indication of age since the trunk began forming.


SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE: The palm branch, or palm frond is a symbol of victory, triumph, peace, and eternal life.

Nikau seed head (winter study) {Rhopalostylis sapida}

PriceFrom $220.00
GST Included
  • Select your choice of print size, then your order will be printed with archival inks on the highest quality 310gsm german etching paper.

    - Fine art giclee open edition print on 310gsm German Etching paper.
    - Please note that prints are not signed but origionals are all hand signed.

    - Every piece of artwork comes with an official Certificate of Authenticity.

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